Hoichoi’s new thriller series Charitraheen might seem to be just a tale of lust but it is certainly more than that.

Kiran played by Naina Ganguly is a woman who is wanted by different men at same time . Almost every man who comes in her life only just wants her body , first his boyfriend Upen only used to sleep with her and drink alcohol , when she left , he thought that he needed her but all he wanted was her body , he even imagines Kiran while having sex with his wife. Then , Kiran’s husband Harish (Gourabh Chatterjee) because of being a handicapped person isn’t able to control his lust physically ,so he finds different weird ways to suffice the need of his lust mentally but that actually made him more sick . Satish (Saurav Das) is a new-age Devdas ,first loved by each and every women in the show then left by every single one of them due to some reason or the other. He truly loved Kiran but thought that sex is the only way to express love, probably this was the reason why he was left by every girl. Lastly ,Devang is like a brother to Kiran but dreams of having sex with her .

There is a thin line between love and lust which is clearly shown in this series. Each and every character meets his breaking point , just because of one main reason i.e… Lust for a different body . Sayoni Ghosh as Savitri did a great job . Naina Ganguly as Kiran did an honest and praiseworthy acting according to the the needs of her character. Satish was so true in his acting that you might almost cry watching his dreadful condition, the potrayal done by Saurav Das is certainly a masterpiece. But the most remarkable performance was done by Gourabh Chaterjee as the sick handicapped husband , his performance is on to some another level.

But the show mixes lust and thriller in equal measurements since the beginning . So if you are only going to watch this show as just a story of lust , be ready to experience some unexpected twist of events . Though some silly scenes makes you question the events of show but no show is that perfect. Overall Debaloy Bhattacharya has done a great depiction of twisted tale of lust and thriller .

Final verdict – 3/5 ⭐

Do watch this show on Hoichoi app probably the new Netflix of Tollywood.