CASE STUDY OF OVERLOOKED CINEMA: God Help The Girl - Tells you how to be a better dreamer.

God help the girl created by Stuart Murdoch is a music video inside a movie, like a train takes you from one station to another, this movie takes you from one song to another alluding the details of a day in the life of a girl suffering from neurosis. She is trying to gain momentum of her life, by singing about the little freedom she has from her care unit of taking some time off and going for a walk to how the Damascan Road is a transistor radio for her. In reality, she isn’t allowed to leave the hospital premises but she still does that because she came to Scotland for a boy, she was attracted to in Australia back in the days when she was in high school. Probably the neurosis condition was because of the guy and the depression she is suffering because she is unable to confess her true feelings for a guy she loves so much.

That day, she also met another guy James, who is trying to find a voice in chaos, a melody in the trend of rock music, a song which is a masterpiece and which will be mentioned in the history but no one pays heed to him. Eve liked his voice, the tune and the initial lines of his song. They meet and spend some time together and then she goes back to her hospital. And this time as a punishment, she isn’t allowed to leave her room. Her doctor draws a pyramid and explains to her that to be good in arts and music she first needs to have proper food, sleep, friends and family. She eventually escapes the care unit again and runs straight to James’s home. She tells James to play a tune on his guitar and then she enlists her observations of James’s life from asking him “Are you breathing well?” to how she used to be a different person whenever she used to fall during her childhood and advises him to do the same, be a new person again, a better person than you were yesterday, a better dreamer than you were yesterday. She then helps James in assisting him to teach a girl how to sing in synchronization and just put all the mundane things you did since she woke up in the form of a song. This way of enlisting the regular day-to-day life is a story in itself, a story which might be congenial to many, because you never know how much important these regular moments are, in someone's life who might be trying to find the broken flow in their respective lives. The director shows a beautiful side of Scotland, while three of them ride on a boat.

Slowly, Anton starts to like Eve back, they spend time together as her boyfriend. Cassie, Eve and James start a band together and the response for new members was positive. One day, James takes eve to a community hall where their whole band is playing the music. She then hangs out with Anton and comes to know about a secret. She decides to leave him. Next day, she struggles to get that regular flow of life. She is depressed but James and Cassie are unavailable. She hangs out with her work colleague and even after a joyful day, she is depressed in the night and so she decides to take a shitload of tablets and eventually she passes out. Then after a few months of care, she meets James and tells that she is going to the Music School of London because she thinks that she couldn’t live a life with few people in it, she needs more people around her. She doesn’t believe in God so much, but during a religious healing therapy session, she felt as if Jesus was inside her and he cleansed her soul, which makes her think the things she missed out for chasing a boy, who was never really worth it. James then kisses her but doesn’t give her a good reason to stay. James is like those shy guys who are too nervous to express their love, the ones who might love your company but are afraid of demanding it when they need it.

Stuart Murdoch’s DIY music-video cinematography like the one used in La La Land gives you an immense sense of joy, in the era of regular musicals released now and then, this one is a great overlooked indie film because of unrealistic expectations and small screen count. What makes this musical different from others is the fact that people who think that only disciplined people can make a worthy art are questioned by the protagonist who is a sufferer of a mental condition, so is it really necessary to be disciplined to be something in life? Or being little mad can give you new ways to fulfill a dream ? Being a little mad about your passion gives you an extra edge of confidence over others and this film proves that .This has been proved a lot of times as in real life cases of Freddie Mercury or Elton John. This movie's title has a very interesting interpretations. God helped the girl (Eve) by making her realize about new friendships and the afterthought of the body therapy session which eventually led to a firm decision of having an actual life rather than spending it, chasing someone unworthy for your love. Why waste a page of your diary you are going to regret opening later? Rather fill it with all the happy moments of your life which can be read again and again.

More case studies of overlooked cinema are going to come pretty soon. Watch out for them!