Black Mirror : Bandersnatch is an amazing never seen before experience

Imagine a film where you can control the story of the movie, like a game. Well, Netflix's new special addition to the famous Black Mirror series has made this dream possible and it is absolutely amazing.

Set in 1980's, Bandersnatch centers around an ambitious young programmer named Stefan who is passionate about making a game based on a fantasy novel, but during the course of developing the game , his own life becomes bamboozled in an uncanny manner. Now the story progresses based on your choice, before some scenes Netflix asks you to make a choice. And whatever you choose, it opens new possibilities for the story. So there is no one ending to this movie , there are multiple endings based on your choices and each one of them is pretty impressive. Director David Slade has made a masterpiece again. There's no timeline for this movie for obvious reasons. We have never experienced something like this before and believe me it definitely worth the watch.

Fionn Whitehead as Stefan Butler was brilliant. Other actors like Will Poulter as Colin and Craig Parkinson as Peter Butler did an amazing job. There are five endings to this movie. One of them is cold, other one is funny. And the others are abrupt and creepy. Each one of them is a brilliant experience. I don't need to explain this more , as I want this review to be spoiler-free, go watch Black Mirror : Bandersnatch right now on Neflix.






Final Verdict - 4/5

Do watch this one on Netflix.