Aquaman creates a never seen before water world with some stunning visuals.

James Wan creates an underwater world as if he has been to an underwater world before. Mixed with perfect elements of storytelling and humor , this one is a must watch for all superhero movie fans. After Avatar , never in my life I have seen a movie so rich and accurate in VFX.

Movie starts with Princess Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) being found unconscious near the Atlantic Ocean by a keeper of the lighthouse. He saves her life and she falls in love with him and she gives birth to Arthur ( Aquaman) . But she is the Princess of Atlantis and she has to return back to her world, to keep the love of her life and her baby safe. Arthur( Jason Momoa) becomes famous by saving people from pirates , people starts calling him Aquaman. But he has to return to his world as his little brother tries to attack the land and its people. He fights with his brother Prince Orm (Patrick Wilson) and Black Manta to claim his birthright and thus bring peace in both worlds i.e.. water and land.

Jason Momoa is a handsome hunk who did his role brilliantly and so did Amber Heard and Williem Dafoe. Everyone did their roles perfectly. The VFX and the camera angles were on point but the music is pretty random, seems like there's no time invested in deciding or making the music, the music artist chooses whichever song comes in his/her mind according to the situation. The only disturbing factor about this movie is that it is 2 hours and 23 minutes long, but still you wont get bored in any way. The development time for each character is well distributed along the movie entirely. The fight scenes and some major Aquaman entry scenes are "goosebumps" worthy. They might make you shout "WOAH" at some points.

Overall, Aquaman shows the underwater world like never before. The imagination with which James Wan made this movie is simply amazing. Even little details like Octopus playing the drum beats before the fighting scene looked so creative and unique. Also there is a post credits scene giving us hint about the next part. This DC venture, perfectly mixes humor elements and isn't totally dependent on the destruction and death which are usually the main elements of a DC movie.

Acting- 4/5




Music- 2/5

Final Verdict- 4/5

Go and watch this one for sure.