Sriram Raghavan the director of the popular movie Badlapur is back with another crime thriller and this one is easily the best comedy thrillers you would ever see in your life.

Now, the title of the movie is Andhadhun means a blind melody . The title of the movie is quite apt because you would see each and every character blind to the general melody of life ,they dont have a normal life in the movie.

First comes the lead actor, Akash(Ayushmann Khurana) who pretends to be blind but actually he isn’t. Later in the movie, he confronts to Tabu that he pretends to be blind because he thinks, he could play piano in a better way when he pretends to be blind. Then, later in the movie he is made blind by Tabu by some unrevealed way.

Then comes Tabu as Simi playing the wife of Pramod Sinha ,a veteran actor who is a narcissist and spends most of his time watching his own work . He is blind by the fact that how much her wife is irritated by him for this sort of narcissist behaviour. Tabu has no tinge of normal life , she at first plays as a wife irritated by her husband and then hooks up with the cop . We came to know that she blindly fell in love with Pramod Sinha just for the sake of his money , the greed of having money made her to choose a life partner who only loves himself.On the day of her anniversary , Pramod finds out her extramarital affair and thus is killed by the cop . Radhika Apte is totally blinded from the true story and there isn’t much screenplay done by her. So you can see how each of the characters have played the role of being blind either literally or by the known things about their surroundings.

The thrill with comedy maintained throughout the movie . Ayushmann’s change of expression at different periods of time is commendable , probably his best work ever and Tabu is a true star of the movie who plays the different needs of her character skillfully.

The end leaves you in a suspense that whether Akash can see normally now or not . And each and every small artist who comes for a little screentime plays a great role in the evolution of the story . Even the rabbit shown in the trailer. “What is Life ? It depends on the Liver ” ,this quote will stay in your mind even after you leave the cinema hall.

Acting -4.5/5⭐

Direction -4/5⭐


Music 4/5⭐


Average score -4/5 ⭐

Must watch . Finally we got a thrilling movie we all deserve .