Bradley Cooper is responsible to make you cry again after Silver linings Playbook

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Bradley Cooper directed A Star is Born which he wrote and co- produced is responsible to make you cry with gut -wrenching pain in your heart with this magical story of love , music and different life experiences .

A Star is Born is a beautiful movie. It’s magnificently romantic but also authentic and emotionally searing. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are both brilliant and heartbreaking. The love story also has a portrait of creativity and commerce and the difficulty of protecting the former from the latter. Through the film, Jackson Maine (Cooper’s character) talks about the importance of having something to say. But it’s not easy to get the world listen to you unless you sell your soul for it . It shows how the thing which interests your soul isn’t much appreciated until you become a star who is idolized by many people in the general public.

This story of a successful artist mentoring and being overshadowed by his protégé .But Cooper’s version is much more than jealousy. Maine is a deeply damaged man and despite all that Ally brings, she cannot heal .There is such honesty both in his portrayal of Maine and in his telling of Maine’s tragedy, that even the most clichéd elements looks true and heart wrenching. Lady Gaga’s voice is like an otherworldly gift that makes you believe in a higher power. Incredibly, Cooper holds his own against her. Early in the film, when they sing together, it’s so exhilarating that you might get goosebumps. These performances are raw and emotionally vulnerable.

A Star is Born doesn’t push any cinematic boundaries, it’s emotionally rich and hugely satisfying. It can win Oscar for music.

Acting - 3.5/5

Direction - 3/5

Cinematography- 3.5/5

Script -3.5/5

Music - 4/5 Final verdict 3.5/5.

Must watch