Soni is a simple drama yet filled with so important messages related to the state of women in India.

Netflix's new special movie Soni is like mirror to the current state of women in our society. It is so simply shown yet contains so many underlying messages that we, especially the men of India need to know.

Soni, a sub-inspector who is frustrated by the men in Delhi who are totally disrespectful at every level. She often gets teased by someone on the road or is insulted by someone , even if she is a cop. She often gets a warning or is almost suspended for her harsh behavior but she is always backed by her head-in-charge Kalpana. But the fact is that our police system is controlled by men and their motives. The depiction is so genuine and impactful that you can almost feel her pain, her anger and her frustration.

Geetika Vidya Ohylan( Soni) has done an extraordinary performance. Saloni Batra (Kalpana) as the head cop is strict and wants discipline in her police station, but she is vulnerable. She shows as if she is calm and nothing affects her emotionally. Basically she is quite good at hiding feelings. Other actors too did their roles brilliantly. Direction done by Ivan Ayer and cinematography done by David Bolen is flawless. Honestly I can't think of anything going wrong for this movie.

It has got many social messages underlined like the constant forcing done by the society to have a baby or the constant forcing done by neighbor to accept unsuccessful husband with a bad behavior, it has got plenty social messages in small packets. The whole class of a school laughing on a joke made on a natural process like menstruation shows the true colors of some present young generation. The cheesy prank calls done by the general public to get the phone number of a female officer. Overall, this movie is simply one of the best Indian drama movies on Netflix .

Acting - 4/5

Direction - 4/5

Script - 4/5

Cinematography - 3.5/5

Final Verdict - 4/5.

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