Roma is the perfect example of how movies should actually be shot.

Alfonso Cuaron has made a movie with perfect camera angles. The way a scene is captured shows the potential of Alfonso. We often say a movie is visually stunning when we see some VFX which are new and look beautiful but this movie doesn't need any VFX to prove its power, infact it is made completely in B&W format.

Alfonso is more of a cinematographer than a director, he knows very well how to make a scene more impactful with accurate camera shots and angles. The closeup and wide shot mixture looks effortlessly genuine. The movie is shown in an episode manner. The director shows a part of his childhood life in Mexico during 1970's which is thrilling and emotional. A close family with a father who is usually away because of work and a maid who takes care of all the children and the house, but is betrayed by her only lover. This movie basically shows the struggle, women faced during the time of revolution in Mexico around 1970. It compares how a women whether she is maid or a wife in a rich family have similar pains and struggles. Even after all this, they never abandon their families or their responsibilities towards their work.

Yalitza Aparicio as Cleo and Marina de Tavira as Sra. Sofia performed marvellously as the main actors of the movie. Other actors like Jorge Antonio as Fermin did their part in a beautiful manner. A series of tragic events in the life of Cleo makes you wonder the painful life of women in Mexico during 1970's. Overall, the movie is a must watch if you can endure a long, good drama, it isn't the entertaining drama we usually see,for these sort of movies ,you need to have a particular mindset. You will feel boring , if you expected it to be entertaining like other drama films. It is a genuine drama which we usually don't see as we see movies as a means of entertainment and not as a way of depicting art.

Acting- 4/5




Final Verdict-4.5/5

Go watch it on Netflix.