YOU has a very gripping story, it takes stalking to a new level but has a weak characterization.

Netflix's new show YOU has a very intriguing story and will simply make you binge-watch all the episodes in one go, But it has some weak characterization. Like every story , it has some major flaws.

A clever bookstore manager Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) somehow through his internet knowledge gets to know about a girl, he saw at the bookstore. Now this can be a bit unconvincing for some people , to chase a girl they just met for a few minutes. He then stalks her in unimaginable ways and somehow tricks Beck (Elizabeth Lail) to fall in love with him. But he is obsessed with her, he kills her boyfriend and a friend who secretly loves her. He just wants to save Beck from all the problems and just have the love of Beck, but Beck is a very twisted girl, she doesn't even know what she actually wants in her life, she is easily manipulated by the people around her.

Penn Badgley as a man with dual personality is simply phenomenal , I haven't seen such perfect blends of good and sinful traits after Dexter. Though the character of Elizabeth Lail aka Beck is actually quite weak, there are moments that will make you wonder how dumb this girl can be ? Her characterization shows some lazy writing . Other actors like Shay Mitchell as Peach, Luca Padovan as Paco did their jobs brilliantly. Also Zach Cherry as Ethan makes you wonder how can he not suspect anything, Joe spends hours in the underground dome of the library and Ethan doesn't gives a damn about it. Also when Paco opens the gate and Beck shouts for a long time , why didn't Ethan hear something ?

The story is very, tensed and gripping but there are many flaws in the characterization, the music by Blake Neely is on point and satisfactory. The cinematography is perfect but the direction is a little weak in some episodes. I hope things get better in the second season but this season too is definitely a must watch.






Final Verdict-3/5

You should definitely watch YOU . Watch it on Netflix right now.